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Will A Car Accident Lawyer Sue The Other Driver?

Car accidents are quite traumatic in nature. Dealing with the aftermath of an accident is tough enough and the difficulty is only magnified when the accident occurs through the fault of another driver. So what recourse do you have when such an accident takes place? Can you hire a car accident lawyer to sue the other driver?

If the other driver is at fault, then you are definitely able to sue them. They should be held responsible for the damages they’ve caused, both to you and your vehicle. The first order of business for your car accident lawyer is to investigate the accident and make sure that there is no way that you could be liable for your own damages.

Once that is out of the way, then they begin doing the necessary research to prove the other driver’s wrongdoing. It is possible that the driver did not break any laws or intentionally do anything to cause the accident. But, in the eyes of the law, fault must lie with one party or the other, especially in cases where the other person is injured.

No fault accidents do occur, but depending on the state where it takes place, one party could still be made to pay. A common mistake made by car accident victims is assuming that the insurance companies will take care of it. Usually, an insurance company offers a portion of what you need for your medical bills and an even smaller payment to cover the damage to your vehicle.

However, your injuries could be keeping you out of your work and damages sustained to your vehicle are also making it more difficult for you to get around. All of this suffering and inconvenience must be factored into a settlement and a car accident lawyer has the experience to not only ask for it, but ensure that you receive it.

Your injuries may take a long time to fully heal and can permanently impair your ability to make a living. This is another major factor when deciding on a settlement. The value of your vehicle also plays a role in deciding on your compensation. Property damage can often go ignored when a person tries to represent themselves in a car accident case, but your car accident lawyer does not allow this to happen.

Not only does a car accident lawyer sue the other driver, but they fight for your proper settlement. A lawyer’s primary aim is to deliver justice to their clients and hold the parties that are responsible for their pain, suffering and property damage. Don’t just assume the insurance company or the other driver will do what’s right. Obtain a lawyer so that they can make sure of it.

Do I Need A Los Angeles Drug Crime Defense Attorney?

Each criminal case is different and it is often advisable for a person being charged with a crime to hire an attorney who specializes in the particular area in which their charges are filed. For example, if a Los Angeles resident is being charged with a drug crime, it is advisable for them to choose to hire a Los Angeles drug crime defense attorney to represent them in court. In doing so, they can provide themselves with a better chance of achieving a favorable outcome.

The area of law which pertains to drug crimes is complex and detailed. Because of the ever-changing nature of illegal substances and the specifics regarding how people in Los Angeles can be charged in relation to their possession and use, a Los Angeles drug crime defense attorney is better able represent their client than an attorney who generally focuses on another area of law. Much of the time, they will be aware of the most recent rules and regulations as well as any potential loopholes which will allow them to better represent their clients.

Vagaries regarding the amount of the illegal substance found, the intent of the person possessing the substance, and the specific conditions surrounding the discovery of the substance can determine exactly what charges are applicable and how much time will be served in the event of a conviction. A Los Angeles drug crime defense attorney is familiar with all the details of these laws and regulations and will often be able to determine the best course of action based on that knowledge. Often, this will translate into the best possible outcome for their clients.

If there is any question regarding the validity of the charges an individual is facing, a Los Angeles drug crime defense attorney is often able to work with their client to determine if the charges should be dismissed altogether. Based on how the illegal substance was discovered, the lawyer may be able to determine if there was police error regarding Los Angeles’ laws on search and seizure or entrapment. They may also be able to determine if the police acquired a search warrant through means which could cause evidence to be dismissed leading to a dismissal of charges.

Sometimes a Los Angeles drug crime defense attorney will even be able to help their client enter into a drug treatment program in order to address an addiction problem and they will be able to help the client determine whether or not this course of action will affect their case. In some cases, charges may even be reduced or dropped if the defendant is willing and able to complete a required drug treatment program. While drug treatment opportunities and how they may affect prosecution vary, a Los Angeles drug crime defense attorney will be aware of exactly what a client’s options are.

Can A Los Angeles, CA Criminal Defense Attorney Help Me And A Friend?

When you and your friend have both been arrested for the same crime, the temptation is to assume that you both can hire the same Los Angeles, CA criminal defense attorney. It seems like a smart way to go about your case, since the two of you are accused of committing the same offense. With that in mind, can a Los Angeles, CA criminal defense attorney help you and your friend?

The answer is yes, but that is the short version. While you and your friend can certainly sign the paperwork that signifies your willingness to take this approach to your defense, most legal experts would warn you that it is not wise. Some Los Angeles, CA criminal defense attorneys may not even want to take your case.

While this might appear to be a rash decision from the perspective of the layman, those who have legal experience know all of the inherent risks involved with representing more than one party at a time.

It is almost impossible for an attorney to split their time evenly among two different clients. There is no such thing as splitting a crime 50/50 and expecting an attorney to is a fruitless endeavor. One person is usually more at fault than the other, which requires more of the attorney’s time.

This can lead to bitter feelings from the person who feels like they are being shortchanged. They can be made to feel like the attorney does not have their best interests at heart and regret their decision to share a legal representative with their friend. But once the paperwork has been signed, they now have no choice but to wait the case out and live with the consequences of their decision.

Conflicts of interest such as these arise all the time when defendants attempt to share a Los Angeles, CA criminal defense attorney. For example, the attorney begins to investigate and research the circumstances of the case only to find that one of the parties was definitely at fault, while the other played a much more minor role.

In order to get one of their clients exonerated, they are essentially forced to incarcerate another. This is why attorneys do not like to take cases of this nature. Their main objective is to keep all of their clients out of jail, not sacrifice one to save the other.

A Los Angeles, CA criminal defense attorney can help you and your friend, but the better question is will they? Some may be willing to take such a case, but there a lot of quality attorneys who will not. That’s why it is best for each of you to obtain your own attorney, someone who can put in the time you need to get the result you deserve.

Does A Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer Talk To The Witnesses?

Defense witnesses in a criminal trial as well as defendants may wonder whether a Los Angeles criminal lawyer may help guide their testimony in a courtroom. The answer yes, a lawyer can talk to the witnesses but at the same time no. Lawyers can discuss testimonies with witnesses before they testify in court, but they do not have the right to tell them what to and what not to say.

No Leading Permitted In Court

When witnesses testify in court, a lawyer is not allowed to use leading questions and signal to the witness what kind of answers to give. For instance, assuming that Los Angeles criminal lawyer Leroy wants defense witness Rachel to testify that she got to work at 6 a.m. Whilst questioning Rachel in court, Leroy can’t ask a leading question like, “Did you arrive at work at 6 .a.m.? Rather he would ask a less leading question like, “What time did you arrive at work?” If however Rachel is the prosecution witness and Leroy is questioning in cross-examination, he is allowed to ask a leading question like the first example used where he suggested she got to work at 6 .a.m.

Other Ways to Help

A Los Angeles criminal lawyer can use different methods other use leading questions to help defense witnesses and defendants testify truthfully and accurately. Defense lawyers meet up with their witnesses and clients to review their testimonies before going on trial. And in the event the witness forgets something while on stand, the lawyer can show him or her a report, letter or some document to help refresh the witness’s memory. The prosecutor also gets to see it too. Quite often judges will allow lawyers to ask leading questions when they see that there’s a glitch in witness memory recalling. But for the most part, both lawyers and prosecutors cannot asking leading questions of their witnesses concerning the issues which involve the course of the trial. A good Los Angeles criminal lawyer will prep you on what to expect from the prosecutor.


Jaime Buchanan is charged with committing armed robbery; In his defense he claims mistaken identity. The prosecutor them calls Katie Hayden as the witness and asks, “ You saw the defendant commit armed robbery, right?” This is not the correct leading question because it desires what the prosecutor is expecting to hear. The defense counsel can object to this question and force the prosecutor to ask a less leading question. For example, if Katie has testified to seeing someone rob the store at gun point, prosecution may ask, “Please look around and see if you can see the person whom you saw rob the store.”

Consult an Attorney

If you are a defendant who’s considering testifying, you may want to consult with a Los Angeles criminal lawyer to know all issues relating to your testimony.

Does It Help An Injury Attorney When I Have Been Injured?

Almost any injury can result in severe life altering injuries. Facing emotional and physical trauma in addition legal and financial troubles can be too much for anyone to bear, and the reason why you would need the services of an Injury attorney. Yes it does help to have an Injury attorney when you have been injured as he or she will help recover the full compensation that you’re owed. Having such a professional can save you from worry and financial ruin. Most injuries require expensive medical procedures, and some may even need lifelong treatment.

Sustaining personal injury because of another party’s negligence can be an overwhelming experience. And when that injury is caused by another person, they should be held responsible for payment and compensation for your trauma, medical bills, lost income and future incomes lost.

An Injury attorney will typically focus on cases which include:

  • Bicycle accidents
  • Burn injuries
  • Birth injuries
  • Auto accidents
  • Construction site injuries
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Dangerous drugs
  • Defective products
  • Dog bites
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Injuries to children
  • Medical malpractice
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Nursing home injuries
  • Negligence

When seeking compensation for your injuries, it’s quite common to get a setback on your expenses. Insurance companies always try their best to avoid paying what is due to you, and will thoroughly check that the expenses you claim are valid. Be sure to have all your documents and receipts close by. If you continue getting trouble to pay for your medical treatment, seek advice from an Injury attorney.

Attorneys are well experienced in matters that involve these, and they will work with insurance companies to make sure you get the maximum settlement due to you.

They are also well versed in dealing with matters that involve getting reimbursed for “general damages” that are often difficult to resolve, like:

  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering

For instance, if you lose your vision from an accident that was caused by another person’s negligence, an Injury attorney can go to great lengths in helping you get general damages on-top of your actual medical bills and cost of treatment.

Statute of Limitations

If you’ve been injured or lost some type of business or personal property because of an accident, you shouldn’t wait to receive the help you deserve.

You have a limited amount of time after the accident under state and federal law to make your claim and protect your rights. This is what is legally referred to as “statute of limitations,” and it differs across different states. An attorney in your state will know what laws are applicable in that state, and will strive to making you get your claim in good time. If you delay it may increasingly become difficult to prove your injuries and agony, especially after your injuries have healed.

An Injury attorney will gather up all the necessary evidence for your cause and make sure you focus on healing and moving on while he or she works out the rest.