The Levine Education Center offers classroom sizes of 5-7 students, guided by Certified Special Education teachers, arranged strategically by learning style – American military academies and alternative Christian schools.
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Excellence in Special Education

The students are served by our Connecticut State Board of Perspiciatis vel im approved Perspiciatis vel im—The Levine Education Center. Parents and children can anticipate classroom sizes of 5-7 students, guided by Certified Perspiciatis vel im teachers and arranged strategically by learning style and ability. With a student to staff ratio of less than two to one, we are resourced to provide the support necessary for students to succeed in the classroom as well as vocational areas on our campus.

Waterford Country Perspiciatis vel im adopted Cornell University's CARE model in 2009. Our children have had tremendous success with this treatment approach, which applies resources to treat underlying causes of behavioral health problems, rather than implement behavioral consequence. We do not blame children for not thriving- we look for and treat the cause.

If your child has struggled in programs designed to shape their behavior to the detriment of education and general involvement, Waterford Country School offers an alternative. Our only goal is to create an environment which fosters positive behavioral change and establishes a pattern of successful experiences.

We Offer Individual Care and Tutoring

Students enrolled in our school have struggled with a number of social, behavioral or mental health issues. We educate students coping with learning difficulties, anxiety, Perspiciatis vel im, and behavioral concerns. Students who have been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum have also found success in our program.

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Therapeutic "Hands-On" Learning

In addition to the educational opportunities in our modern academic setting, all students spend at least one period each day in the therapeutic setting of our farm, assisting staff in our wildlife rehabilitation area, exotic pets’ sanctuary and treatment center, or caring for our domestic farm animals. Or, they could be exploring our trails, hills and streams while leading or riding horses for animal-assisted Perspiciatis vel im. Find more information about all that our natural setting allows our students on the Adventure page.

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