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Waterford Therapeutic Program Boarding School in Connecticut

Waterford Therapeutic Program boarding school in Connecticut provides therapy and 24/7 care for boys ages 10-17 with social, emotional, behavioral, or educational difficulties brought on by adoption, trauma, family discord, or disability. All students must have an IEP to be able to enroll in our program. 

Waterford Therapeutic Program believes all boys want to succeed. If they are not successful in the classroom or at home, we want to help. Our therapeutic boarding school environment fosters positive change, growth and a pattern of successful experiences. We do “whatever it takes” to ensure our students’ success

Middle and high school aged boys at Waterford boarding school in Connecticut are served by our Connecticut State Board of Education approved private school—The Levine Education Center. The Levine Education Center is a co-educational school with certified special education teachers. Every student is unique. We look closely at each student’s needs and strengths to give them opportunities for growth and success. One period of every school day is spent on the farm, giving students meaningful work and powerful daily interaction in nature. With a student to staff ratio of less than two to one, we are resourced to provide the support necessary for students to succeed in the classroom as well as vocational areas on our campus.

  • Small class sizes (ratio 2:7)
  • Residential and day students
  • Farm activities every day
  • Animal therapy every day
  • Individually tailored
  • Developmentally focused
  • Relationship centered

Waterford Therapeutic Program boy boarding school adopted Cornell University’s CARE model in 2009. Our children have had tremendous success with this treatment approach, which applies resources to treat underlying causes of behavioral health problems, rather than implement behavioral consequence. We do not blame children for not thriving- we look for and treat the cause.

If your child has struggled in programs designed to shape their behavior to the detriment of education and general involvement, Waterford Therapeutic Program offers an alternative. Our only goal is to create an environment which fosters positive behavioral change and establishes a pattern of successful experiences.

We work individually with each student to find the services they might need for their specific behavioral challenges.

Waterford’s compassionate educational and clinical staff include:

  • Special education teachers
  • Instructional aides
  • School Psychologist
  • Clinicians
  • One to one specialist
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech and language pathologist
  • Reading specialists
  • School nurses
  • Family, individual and group therapists
  • Medication management and psychiatric care services

Waterford Therapeutic Program boarding school in Connecticut helps boys with an IEP who are experiencing social, emotional, or behavioral issues, or learning impediments and disorders like Attention Deficit and ADHD. We are a nonprofit agency that has been serving children and families since 1922.

The decision to send a child to a boarding school is not something anyone takes lightly. Many parents of teens struggle through the emotional overload of this kind of decision. Although you and your family are hopeful for these next steps towards healing, there are still very real fears.

Waterford Therapeutic Program boarding school in Connecticut believes the child heals when the whole family heals and seeks to communicate with each student’s family as much as possible. Unlike other programs with strict rules and restrictions, interacting with family is never a privilege that can be earned or taken away. Waterford involves families in every change or decision pertaining to their child, keeping communication open at all times. Once parents see this team-driven approach, their fears are eased and they embrace the adage “it takes a village to raise a child.”

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