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Waterford Helps Struggling Boys Heal from Self Harm Tendencies

Waterford Country School and Therapeutic Boarding Program helps troubled boys, ages 11-17. We provide experienced therapy and safe, 24/7 care for boys with social, emotional, behavioral, or educational difficulties brought on by adoption, trauma, family discord, or disability. Learn more about how we can help your son at www.therapeuticschool.org

What is Self-Harm?

The therapeutic team at Waterford knows how to help your troubled teen as he heals from Self-Harm, a condition in which he is deliberately causing injury to himself, more than only in the form of cutting, at times by burning, punching, head banging or breaking his own bones. It can also be characterized by participation in high-risk activities.

Self-Harm (also known as self-abuse, self-mutilation or self-injury) can be the way in which they are able to express feelings not able to put into words, divert from painful emotions, or gain power over, at least, their own body if he feels he can’t control anything else in his life.  It is also a cry for help.

Many teens who suffer with Self-Harm report some type of childhood abuse (sexual or physical), and almost all say they were discouraged from showing emotions.  Self-Abuse is not generally seen as a cry for help, since it is usually done in secret, and work to hide the actions, as well as the emotions that lead to it. Your teen boy may feel alone or empty, frightened by the thought of intimate relationships.

Self-harming behaviors can be a sign of several different psychiatric illnesses or personality disorders.

Treating Self-Harming Teenage Boys

Because Self-Injury may be linked to a variety of mental disorders like depression or eating disorders, it is especially necessary to properly diagnose your teenager.

There is not a single treatment approved for this disorder, but a myriad of options, such as different types of therapy.  Treatment might include helping him to understand destructive thoughts and behaviors, gaining skills in developing outside relationships, mindfulness-based therapies (which help him to live in the present and properly construe the behaviors of those around).

The Waterford Country School Therapeutic Boarding Program, located in rural Connecticut, serves boys ages 11-17, from around the nation. We are a nonprofit agency serving children and families since 1922. We believe all children want to succeed.

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